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mPharma in brief

Trevor’s story

The average person is exposed to around 2,000 work-related communications such as emails, tweets and reports every day. Much of it is untargeted, unsolicited and… unread.

You’re a busy pharma exec and your information needs go way beyond the average. Every day you’re swamped with data. But most of it is totally irrelevant to you. You’re desperate for information that can make you look good. But most of the time you end up feeling just like Trevor. Check him out – it will most probably be like looking in a mirror.

Annie’s story

Mobile has changed the way we consume media. Today we’ll check our mobile phone more than 220 times. 87% of senior execs use their smartphone for business. 86% of mobile time is spent in apps. It’s hardly surprising that mobile is becoming the channel of choice for marketers.

With pharma executives like Trevor buried beneath an avalanche of noise, innovative agencies that can help drive best practice are finding it increasingly difficult to get noticed. But many, like Annie, are realising that the best way to get to their customers is through their mobile. Check out Annie’s story.

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